Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 9-11

Well a new tradition I think ALL schools should implement: wine night on Fridays! Friday after the kids leave the teachers have a few glasses of wine out. It was a lot of fun! Just a little something to unwind after a long week of teaching and dealing with children five days! I had a really nice time. I definitely think more schools should do this! Even if you go to someone's house. It is also a good way to have outings with the staff, making it easier to get to know the people you will be working with. 

Friday night Carly and I decided we wanted to go out. We went to North Bridge. It was of course interesting figuring out how to get there! The train to Perth was easy, after that it was a bit more confusing. We ended up asking a police officer, she was very nice and helpful and got us to the area we were looking for! We met some very entertaining Australian people! It was nice to meet some people our age! We got asked where we were from a lot! When we would say Kentucky, people would automatically say, "Oh! Like KFC!" It was funny, but there is a lot more to KY than KFC!! I don't even like KFC! Still interesting what people from Australia think about America and Kentucky. We went to a bar called 'Brass Monkey.' It was fun, very similar to places they have in Kentucky. However, a lot of bars have dress clothes, one of them being you are not allowed to wear flip flops, or thongs, into bars. So we had some trouble with that! We didn't stay out too long because we wanted to make sure we got back home, kind of like Cinderella! Had to make it home before midnight to catch our train and bus! :-) It was a good first night out though!

I stayed at Carly's on Friday night, it was just easier and I didn't have to worry about getting home. Carly's host mom, Jeanette, is very nice! She dropped me off at the train station and wrote down what I needed to do to get back to my place. I got on the train and into Perth with no problem. Of course, the next problem came with the buses! I heard some people chattering about one train line not working. I wasn't paying much attention to details because I only needed the bus. Well I go outside, ask the guy at the information desk which bus I need to take to get to Mt. Claremont. He informs me I need bus 28, which is the one I go to wait for. I realized one was just leaving with I got off the train, but I figured the next one would come within the next 15 minutes. As I am waiting, all of these people start to gather around my bust stop. I start thinking I am not going to make it on the bus I need because everyone is pushing to the front of the line to get on the bus. Then I hear that the train is closed because there was a fatality and all of those people who needed the train have to take a bus. So there are about 80 people waiting for this bus. The people working said 5 minutes and the buses will be here...for an hour and a half!! Mind you, I still have NOT seen bus 28. I am getting frustrated. People are pushing. Flies are landing on my face, ears, and mouth. Sidenote: the flies here are VERY friendly! They love to get up close and personal. It is really quite annoying. That is one thing I will not miss! Anyway, so I finally see my bus coming and surprisingly, no one else needed that bus! I'm feeling better that I made it on. I decided to ask the bus driver just to be sure he is going in the right place. Well I ask him if this bus goes to Mt. Claremont. He rudely tells me this is the wrong bus, he does not go there, and I need to be on the other side of the street for bus 27. I am so mad by this point. I have been waiting forever for this stupid bus and I get on it to find out it was not the bus I needed. I end up calling my host mom, Merrilee, to see if she knows what to do. She just says she will come get me! I am very relived, although feel bad that she is gonna drive to get me... I walk around the shopping center while I wait for her. I had to get a Diet Coke because I was so stressed! ;-) It was delicious, yet expensive! It was almost $4 for a coke! Oh well, definitely worth it. Merrilee finally arrived and I felt so much better! We stopped at a shopping center so I could get an internet card. The internet is also very expensive here (and very slow), many people have internet cards they plug into your computer, exactly what I got! As soon as we got home, I set up everything for it and got online! It was really nice to be connected to the outside world via email and Facebook! I am sad that I got so excited about getting online...

Saturday night Carly and I went to Bayswater, where Vidya and Anna are staying. We finally met the other girls from America who are student teaching in Australia as well. Anna, Lauren, and Vidya have all been here since September!! I am a little, okay, a lot jealous because they have had more time to travel and see more of Australia! I think that just means I need to come back for a longer visit when I can travel and see more! Well it was nice to finally meet everyone! All three are so nice and we all got along really well! 

Carly and I out Friday at Brass Monkey                      Future amazing teachers :-)

Sunday we went to this little café called Chapel. It had really amazing food! We walked around a little while but all had lots to get accomplished for teaching the next day! Lauren, Carly, and I took the train to Warwick and John picked us up and dropped us off at all of out homes. It was a great weekend in Australia! Looking forward to seeing what happens the rest of my stay...

How many people dry their laundry! 

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